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About OUR HONEY I am a commercial North Carolina beekeeper and my honeybees produce the wonderful natural aromatic and flavorful HONEY that we produce, pack and sell. We currently have available SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY.

With hives in over 10 North Carolina counties from the Blue Ridge mountains to the Central Piedmont we provide our North Carolina customers honey through selected Stores, and Mail Order via the World Wide Web with QUALITY RAW HONEY that is never heated nor filtered and we do not treat our hives with chemicals and pesticides. In fact we breed and sell all over the United States Survivor Queens to other beekeepers who also want the benefits of being "Pesticide Free". See http://www.mybeebusiness.com

We use only stainless steel and food grade plastics in our de-capping, extracting, clarifying, straining, and storage processes. We have a dedicated sanitary facility for packing and processing our honey. Our honey is bottled to order , which brings you the freshest quality, flavor and aroma possible.

I am an engineer and have worked for such high tech companies as Hughes Aircraft and Ford Aerospace. While there I learned the values of quality control and responsibility to the customer. These same concepts of quality are built into all our operations from hive assembly and management to bottling and packaging our quality products. We truly strive to produce the finest honey possible for our customers.

Our Mail Order 2014 SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY is currently available. It truly is a great tasting honey which is light medium amber in color having a fruity flavor high in antioxidants! The predominant honey in our 2014 SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY is Blackberry Honey and it is a light tangy honey with many additional spring varieties including black locust, persimmon, black gum, various clovers, and tulip poplar.

Pricing is listed below for our 2014 Spring Wildflower Honey in Plastic and Glass.S&H must be added to all orders:

Our 2014 Spring Wildflower Honey is priced here for Plastic Jars:

·           8 ounce jar, $4.35 each (Yellow Flip top only)

·         16 ounce jar, $7.95 each (Mini-Bee or Yellow Flip top)

·         24 ounce jar, $10.95 each (Yellow Flip top only)

·         40 ounce jar, $19.95 each (Mini-Bee only)

Our 2014 Spring Wildflower Honey is priced here for Glass Jars:

Glass Quarts (44 oz.): $21.95 each

Glass Pints (22 oz.): $12.50 each

Glass 1 Pound Jar (16 oz.) $9.95 each


Plastic Jars: All our mail order plastic containers are clear plastic with either a white plastic screw cap with a foam cap seal (Mini-Bee) or a re-closeable Flip top yellow cap with a foam cap seal. We use plastic by default because glass will sometimes break while in transit.

Glass Jars: If you want your honey in glass jars please add $2.25 per each quart jar, $1.50 per each pint jar, and/or $1.00 per each one pound jar for special packaging and dunnage in addition to the published S&H pricing. Every effort is make for safe packaging of glass jars including Special Labeling and Packaging Materials.

Our Own Beeswax

I do not use any treatments on my honey producing hives: I use no chemical treatments, no pesticides, and no food supplements. The only things that go into the hives are what the bees bring into their hives and the structural woodenware and beeswax foundation that enables the successful process of prudent beekeeping management. This is important to the folks buying beeswax as beeswax readily absorbs chemicals and contaminants and it does not discriminate good stuff from bad.. There are beekeepers using chemicals that are nerve toxins (organophosphates) and many other so called safe treatments that may have adverse effects on honeybees; many of the large commercial beekeepers use chemicals and methods that are not FDA approved.

We strain our honey cappings, beeswax, through heavy cotton sweat shirt material as we have not found another natural fiber thick enough to offer the same degree of filtering of unwanted trash. Then we pour the filtered wax into molds per your order. After the wax has cooled we release it from the mold then after additional cooling we will weigh it on a purchased USPS Scale.

Molded Blocks of Beeswax


~1/4 pound, (4 ounces) ~ $ 3.00 each
($0.75 per ounce)

~1/2 pound, (8 ounces) ~ $ 4.50each
($0.5625 per ounce)

~1 pound, ~ 16 ounces~ $ 8.00 each
($0.50 per ounce)

~ 4 Pound Block ($0.485 per ounce)

Please email for larger orders of Beeswax.


All products by default are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping & Handling is based on net weight, the weight of the honey that you purchase, not the total weight of the shipment. The cost is $6.95 for the first pound (16 ounces), weights over 16 ounces please add $2.95 ($0.184375 per ounce) for each additional pound up to 4 pounds. For product weight over 4 pounds please add $1.95 per pound ($0.121875 per ounce) thereafter. Email me at Carolinabeeman@bellsouth.net if you require assistance with your order.


Chuck Norton